How To Order!

If you are thinking about inquiring on an order and unsure about the process, please refer to the following tips and FAQ's. 

ALL orders require a 50% deposit to reserve a slot in the calendar. You may make your deposit in person or online banking. 


There are NO REFUNDS on deposits. 

*Payment balance is required at the time you pick up a cake.
*All details (design, cake size, etc.) for your cake order must be finalized within a week from when your cake is needed.
*Due to the high amount of labor involved in creating custom cakes, we are unable to accept cancellations after two weeks prior to pick up.

Picking Up Your Cake

Please keep these in mind when picking up your custom cake:

• During hot months, your vehicle MUST be air conditioned.

• Please have a large, FLAT area available to transport the cake. Transporting on a soft, angled car seat can crack the frosting due to bouncing and bending the cake board.

• 3-D and tiered cakes are especially fragile for transport and REQUIRE a flat surface. Most commonly, a good space is the floor in the front seat. 

• When using any cake stands borrowed from Lipstick Baker you will need to leave a deposit for the value of the item. THE CLIENT IS EXPECTED TO RETURN the equipment to Lipstick Baker within the agreed time frame or the deposit will be kept and the item will be replaced. 

Fee based on where its going! $2 per km. 


How much does a custom cake cost?

Prices depend on two factors. How many you would like to feed, and the difficulty of design.
To give you an idea. buttercream cakes start at $7 a serving and fondant cakes at $8 a serving!

How much time in advance do you need?

Three weeks notice is required to put your order in (pending available spots)! Don't be shy to inquire about a last minute cake, ill let you know if it is doable for the week you wanted it for! 

Are you peanut free?

Although my cakes don't contain nuts, they are used on occasion in the kitchen per the request of other customers. 


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