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Information + FAQ's

Thank you for your interest!

Please refer to the following guidelines + FAQ's before submitting your order. 

Orders over $350, booked 3+ weeks in advance require a 50% retainer to reserve your date.

Order balances are required a week prior to your event. In the event that your balance is not paid, a reminder will be sent with a grace period of one day. If your balance is still not paid, your order will be cancelled and your retainer forfeited.  

Orders booked >3 weeks in advance require payment in full.

ALL orders under $350 must be paid in full at the time of booking.

Payments can be made in person or through online banking.


Please note all payments are non refundable. 

Payments may be transferred to a future date if we are notified two weeks prior to your event.

Cancellations initiated less than two weeks prior would result in automatic forfeiting of your payment.

In the event of a mistaken flavour or design aspect, a credit decided by Lipstick Baker will be issued. 

All details (design, cake size, flavour etc.) for your cake order must be finalized at the time of booking and may be changed up until the final payment is due/week prior.


Pick up

-During summer months, your vehicle must be air conditioned.

-Please have a large, flat area available to when collecting your cake. Transporting on a soft or angled car seat can cause cracking due to bouncing and bending of the cake board. 3-D and tiered cakes are especially fragile and require a flat surface. The floor area in front of your passenger seat is most commonly used.


There is a $2 per km fee on all deliveries. 

Florals + Figures

Please note all florals are attached with floral wire + tape.

Figure may include floral wire and/or lollipop ticks to allow them to be structurally sound. Please remove structures before consuming.

We do not recommend consuming sugar florals

Stand Rental

We currently do not rent our stands, but do provide stands for purchase at the rate of $40. Stands are highly recommended for weddings!



Prices depend on many factors! Some of which include: date availability, the amount of servings needed and the intricacy of design.

Prices start at $100 for 10-12 servings!


The smallest single tier serves 10.

The smallest two tier serves 30.

The smallest three tier serves 60. 

Lead time

Typically, two-three weeks notice is required to place your order (pending available spots). Feel free to inquire if you require a last minute cake! I'll do my best to accommodate or reccomend other bakers in the area! 


Wedding Sample Boxes

Boxes include your choice of 3 flavours for $50. Wedding cakes over $480 include a mini cake sample box and will be credited the $50 towards their final balance!


Although most our cakes do not contain nuts, they are used on occasion in the kitchen per the request of other customers!

Vegan + Gluten free options available!

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